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Dec 27, 2020 · An undertale ask & dare {completed} by ghosttoasttttt. an undertale ask & dare {completed} table of contents. dont read this book! intro a dare with me otp feels um. i is a idiot clothes swap! two new ish characters sevennnnnnn ohhhh dangggg swap (not the skeleton btw) . Undertale sans au truth or dare. glitchyganz wishes you merry christmas. 1. Howdy everybody!You would think there would be tutorials for UT fan-games in Game Maker by now, but apparently not! So I've decided to make this series for t... Jun 12, 2019 · Idea for a Yandere Sim AU (Please somebody take this up. I don’t trust myself with it. Also only come up you’re a proud member of both the Undertale Fandom AND want to make a Yandere Simulator AU... Oct 28, 2019 · Au projects. Just make whatever you want that is an undertale au. Themes , fights, and whole games. We are doing a compition for best cover of any au, I am making one now. Some of the projects posted are not mine. Oh! also thanks to slurpee18, a lot of the stuff on here had him. New info: 100+ Subscribe to ThePandaManYT Have you ever had an idea for a story in this game? Have you ever wanted to be known as the amazing writer that made a better story than Fox himself? Do you like to talk about anything that's popular on Tumblr? Well get out your Computers and get on MS Paint, because I'm going to show you the way to make a fan-fiction better than all the rest!

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incorrect undertale au quotes @yeetusdeletusowo's version of Undertale AU characters here. will have swearing and a few dirty jokes. ~ yeetusdeletusowo Make the canon character or OC different from canon the timeline of Undertale, but make sure they keep their personality. Such as if you want to you can have Undyne dropping her hatred of humans, but she still likes being extreme if the AU happens some time after the pacifist ending of Undertale. Proelium Tale Concepts. by TAJROSZ8805. Long ago i have a little dream to make Undertale (by Toby Fox) AU, but this idea went nowhere, however the concept of this world where i would set the...
Theory Generator AU Generator Found another Theory Generator. For Theories I got: "The Amalgamate is a timelord" "Toby Fox is Asian" "Papyrus killed Frisk once before" "Onionsan killed Frisk once before" "Onionsan was a failed experiment" "Undyne sells hot dogs in order to make a time machine" "Grillby is gay" "Burgerpants is Asian"Undertale Stickers for Water Bottles 50 Pcs Cute,Waterproof,Aesthetic,Trendy Stickers for Teens,Girls Perfect for Waterbottle,Laptop,Phone,Travel Extra Durable Vinyl 5.0 out of 5 stars 2 $7.99 $ 7 . 99